Perk Me Up
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mapified.com Perk Me Up is an Alexa skill. Programmed on the Amazon AWS platform with the LEX library and the Lambda service. Programmed in Node JS, Javascipt and JSON. Perk Me up is a simple skill designed to deliver a positive compliment when asked. I really enjoy working with zero interface design and I am currently working on a IBM Watson version.
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mapified.com SnapStores.com is my pet project that I play with when I have free time. Snap stores is a proof of concept to level the playing field between the big box stores and small local retail businesses. The Theory being: If small businesses kept their web presence fresh and up to date, They would improve the connection they have with their local community and ultimately increase in store traffic and online business. This is achieved with a mobile app that is supported by AI cloud services that transcribe text and edit pictures which are automatically published in the local business's website and social media channels.
mapified.com Mapified.com was a Geo-location based local market place. The site designed was focused on an intuitive user interface that promotes an engaging user experience. Mapified.com was an HTML5/CSS3/OO javascript that made use of the jQuery library and a n-tier threaded Coldfusion Enterprise Service layer that responds to XHR JSON requests. Mapified.com used a MYSQL database which has been optimized to use EH-cache and clustering during high load periods.
Fantasy Festival Builder
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Fantasy Festival Builder The Fantasy Festival Builder was the gamification component to Festheads.com. The the gaming engine is written from scratch using OO javascript, Coldfusion 9 with content integration from Rovi media. The jQuery library was used for some of the UI components. The jQuery drag and drop classes were not scalable for this application, therefore I wrote the javascript classes myself to manage the drag and drop of thousands of objects to a variable number of targets. This online game makes use of various DOM manipulation techniques to create a fun and engaging game-like environment.
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Festheads.com Festheads is the socal media division of Ginger Bread Corporation. Festheads.com was a Geo-Location based directory of outdoor music festivals throughout North America. The site is highly intuitive and easy to navigate. The Festival search tools includes a graphical radius tool that can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the map. Festheads.com uses the local data storage API, Geo-location Services and the jQuery Library and OO javascript. The site is supported by a Coldfusion 9 Enterprise Service Layer and MSSQL 2008.
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Hybikes.com HyBikes.com is a dedicated e-commerce site to promote the sale of electric bikes. This site is built with basic HTML, CSS3 and the jQuery library. The site has no back end support, but uses the Stripe API via JSONP to process credit card transactions through their unique reverse encryption technology. The site is built to accept a service layer in future. This Service layer can be any technology that responds to XHR (XML or JSON) requests. Such as PHP, ASPX, Coldfusion, JSP, NodeJS, etc. *AP&CO. hired me to complete front-end development on a contract basis. AP&CO provided the client services, creative and communication for this site. http://www.apandco.com
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640Club.com 640club.com was neat a boutique site that was dedicated to credit score repair. The site makes use of HTMl and CSS3. The unique thing about 640club.com is the off screen center of orientation for the rotation of the earth. Getting this effect to work required a combination of Photoshop CS5, OO javascript, and jQuery carousel plug-ins. The earth actually has eight quarters that are dynamically swapped out based on user selections. The back end is a PHP service layer to collect user information via XHR JSON request which then consolidates the information in an emailed report to the site administrators. *AP&CO. hired me to complete front-end development on a contract basis. AP&CO provided the client services, creative and communication for this site. http://www.apandco.com
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InsuranceFinders.com Insurance Finders was a lead generation site designed to use HTML5 Geo-location services to identify the location of the user and display a relevant insurance price comparison tool. This site has been optimized for replication on hundreds of domains with a large document pool of location sensitive content that is dynamically included via AJAX html requests. This site is built using OO javascript and the jQuery Library. *AP&CO. hired me to complete front-end development on a contract basis. AP&CO provided the client services, creative and communication for this site. http://www.apandco.com
Intranet Ultility Widget
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Intranet Ultility Widget This simple utility was used for finding and replacing text in a database. This tool was used for mass updates for item descriptions in an e-commerce site. The text replacement tool was built with ExtJS 3.2 components that updated a MYSQL database via a Coldfusion service layer that responded to XHR JSON requests.
Marketing Report Generator
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Marketing Report Generator This internal marketing tool has been modified with permission from my client for the purpose of demonstrating my programming skills. This tool makes extensive use of ExtJS templates and the Drag n Drop Classes. This marketing utility creates a custom report that can be easily updated and configured with simple click to edit regions and drag and drop components.
Budgeting Widget Tool
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Budgeting Widget Tool I originally wrote this budgeting tool in OO javascript to interface with a SQL Anywhere database. As the tool's functionality grew, I ported the front end code to Sencha Ext JS 3.2. Changes made to the input parameters triggered updates within the projected budget model in real time. This tool made extensive use of the Ext JS Tree Class, Tab Class and Drag n Drop Classes. All changes sent a XHR JSON packet to a service layer for real time processing.
photoApe.com PhotoApe.com was a free photo sharing site that sports many high end features including a java based plug in that allow users to upload a large number of photographs with a single connection. Customizable templates, mobile phone photo sharing, a WAP photo sharing user interface, granular permissions structure and sub-domain creation.
Ladder Builder
Ladder Builder LadderBuildersm is an online bond portfolio tool. There are two versions, one for public use and a more robust version for broker/ dealers. LadderBuilder makes building a laddered bond portfolio easy. The first screen displays a range of offerings for the current week. Choose the products you want to include in your ladder, and LadderBuilder calculates yields, weighted averages, monthly cash flows, and annual cash flows. You can print and export your portfolio to an Excel spreadsheet.
*LadderBuilder is a registered service mark of Incapital Holdings, LLC
Survey Processing
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Survey Processing The Rodgers Group, Ltd. specializes in communication research for businesses and organizations of all sizes. I provided the programming and diagnostic expertise behind these customized online surveys. This work included extensive cross tabular reporting and data collection that met detailed reporting requirements. I also provided the scanning and analysis needed for paper based survey work as required by clients.
I have total confidence that Steven Benjamin can meet the very diverse needs we have when it comes to capturing electronic data for the very customized research we do for a diverse client base, -Vicci Rodgers, president, The Rodgers Group, Ltd., Chicago
Kintz Plastics
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Survey Processing Kintz Plastics is one of the nation's largest thermoformers. When Kintz plastics needed factory automation software to increase product quality and consistency and to maximize power efficiency they came to me. I developed special software that runs on highly reliable computers (computers that have no moving parts called PLCs) equipped with an intuitive touch screen interface that allowed the user to manually step a machine through a forming cycle. The program recorded each step and enabled the user to repeat the steps in automatic mode. Additionally the software automatically tunes PID loops to maximize the efficiency of the industrial heating systems in the machines.
"Steven Benjamin has consistently solved out most challenging problems with affordable and on-time solutions that meet our production demands" - Wynn Kintz
Survey Processing Mighty Mugs.com was a unique site with a linear shopping cart that simplified the process of purchasing a consumer retail product that had a large number of required details. Additionally Mighty Mugs.com had back end software that generated animated 3D previews of finished mugs, before they were produced. The My Mugs section allowed users to save and reorder mugs directly from their account. Sadly, MightyMugs.com is no longer in business. I am working on posting a copy of the old site here.