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Steven Benjamin
Front-end Developer
I have been studying Front-end development for the past three years. I studied under Jay Garcia (author of ExtJS in Action & Sencha Touch in Action) and then followed up my studies at google IO and the Gamification Summit, NYC. Prior to Front-end development I programmed Java/Coldfusion Applications for both the web, intranet and service layer APIs. I enjoy learning new programming solutions and continuously expand on my knowledge base. Today I use object oriented javascript with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and Sencha to solve fun and unique user interface challenges that provide for a rich user experience.
Skill Set:
My website work ranges from basic brochure sites to rich interactive sites that engage the customer in a web 2.0 user experience across all platforms.
Intranets are private websites that provide targeted functionality for their family of users. Many intranets are sales, marketing and accounting portals for private businesses.
I have assisted many companies with their email marketing campaigns, ranging from several thousand messages per month to many million messages per week.
Office Productivity Software ranges from customized tools for creating quotes to end of month account reporting. I have assisted many business in stream lining their day to day business processes.
Video based process documenation. From Factory assembly processes to office accounting systems. Video documentation is an effective method of employee training.
Legacy database migration, database optimization and database design and documentation. Much of my work has been in designing web based systems that store and retrieve information.
Reporting is often tied to data mining and trend detection. But reports can be generated from any data source ranging from spreadsheets to cloud computing services.
I work mostly with Coldfusion shopping carts, however for single product pages, I generally code a dedicated e-commerce solution that works with credit predictive services, payment gateways and fulfillment services.
Mobile apps are getting very exciting, and more recently many powerful tools have been released that open the door to highly interactive apps at affordable price points.
I have customized CRM subscriptions from salesforce.com to SAS. I also offer a full featured CRM service at one third the cost of the major CRM service providers.


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